• Chicago Protests Collective Punishment of Palestinians

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Several hundred protesters drawn from a variety of organizations gathered at Chicago’s Water Tower Park on Michigan Avenue on July 5, 2014. Their purpose was to demand an end to Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians and to call for fair and accurate reporting by the media of violence against Palestinian youth. These ongoing issues, normally not acknowledged by U.S. corporate media, in this last week burst onto the 5pm news hour due to the discovery of the bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teens, and the immediate collective punishment killing of an innocent Palestinian 16-year-old by right-wing Israelis, plus heavy bombing of Gaza strip and West Bank towns and villages. One of the earliest Chicago marches against expanding collective civilian punishment by Israel, the protests have dramatically grown in size in subsequent weeks. 

Fadi Zanayed (former Pres. of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee) comments: "The human spirit of the Palestinian people wants to be free. Just like the American Revolution 238 years ago wanted to be free and freed themselves from a brutal King, we are going to free ourselves from a brutal Israel."

At the time of the announcement for the protest, the list of endorsing organizations included: Students for Justice in Palestine’s Chicago network, and co-organized with local chapters of American Friends Service Committee, American Muslims for Palestine, Jews for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, Palestine Solidarity Group, the US Palestine Community Network, International Socialist Organization, and the Anti-War Committee.

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Chicago Protests Collective Punishment of Palestinians

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