• How Can We Shut Your Door?

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Rousemary Vega, Chicago public school parent and activist, made a two minute contribution during the public comment period at the May 28, 2014 CPS Board meeting that will probably rank among the best over the years. And the competition is formidable for that honor.

Vega confronted Board President David Vitale with his habitual dozing off, and Board members' looking at their phones during public comments (which we confirm visually). While the Board shuts the door on quality education for minority and poor students, she asked the Board the big question on everybody's minds: "How can we shut your door?"

Some like to use the expression "speaking truth to power", but others have concluded that the powerful already know the truth: that they're in power. As Rousemary Vega and her little girl are forced out of the room by a metric ton of CPS security guards (and as Board toadies laugh, which we document) we start to think more seriously about her question

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How Can We Shut Your Door?

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