• Adjunct Day at NEIU

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February 25, 2015 -- National Adjunct Walk-Out Day was called for colleges and universities around the country. One participating campus in Chicago was Northeastern Illinois University. The organizers of the NEIU action put out the following statement, which said, in part:

"While NEIU is not organizing a walk-out, there will be a teach-in...Many adjunct professors teach full-time and cannot afford to pay for rent, food or a bus pass. Many adjunct faculty members lack office space to meet with students, and do not have access to computers and other materials to support their teaching. Many are hired at the last minute and expected to teach an unfamiliar course, and are not compensated for the creation and preparation of new courses...Last year at NEIU, a whopping 62% of all our classes were taught by instructors or adjuncts...

"Faculty working conditions are students’ learning conditions. As tuition edges up and student debt load rises, as universities hire more highly paid administrators and build expensive dorms and football stadiums, students are priced out of classrooms. When classes are cancelled, as we know happens every semester at NEIU, instructors and adjuncts lose their jobs, income and in some cases their health insurance. This instability makes it extremely difficult to plan their personal and professional lives. Denying adjuncts job security also means denying students the classes they need to graduate on time and plan their work and family lives."

Included are remarks from Paul Lempke (Art Instructor, NEIU); Lydia Snow (Adjunct Instructor, NEIU); Richard Grossman (Instructor at NEIU; Adjunct at Columbia College, Chicago); Carmel O'Kane, Foreign Languages and Literature Professor (NEIU); Olivia Cronk (Adjunct Instructor, English Department, NEIU).

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Adjunct Day at NEIU

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