• The Wage Slave and the Jackboot

In the Fall of 2014 two national movements emerged and rapidly grew in strength. The one was the fight for a living wage for exploited and underpaid workers. The other was against racist police murders for which grand juries return no indictments. Was the simultaneous appearance of these two powerful movements just coincidental? This video shows that they are connected at a fundamental level, each flowing from the root cause of capitalism's need to extract the maximum amount of surplus value from workers, which creates then the economic system's need to militarily enforce that exploitation.

James Thindwa (In These Times), who provides a political/economic analysis, targets the low-wage business model: "But when people are marginalized they're going to react. That reaction is manifested in many many ways, among them crime. And that of course requires a police presence, requires police repression...So the system itself creates conditions that require it to bring in an over-militarized presence in the community. And so it is a cycle that is self-perpetuating."

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The Wage Slave and the Jackboot

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