Sherise McDaniel is a Chicago community activist who participated in the protests against massive school closings and who testified during the rigged hearings in 2013. When Ferguson happened in August of 2014, McDaniel was deeply affected by the implications of yet another police shooting of an unarmed young African-American man (Michael Brown). She was compelled to go down to Ferguson, Missouri to participate, with thousands of other people from around the U.S., in the big and sustained street protests against the actions of the police and political authorities who were busy trying to cover up this racist crime and dampen down the outrage. 

Already being well aware of the racism behind the school closings in Chicago, her trip to Ferguson deepened her understanding of the widespread racism and economic injustice not only systemic in the U.S., but in places like Palestine. In this enhanced interview, she leads us through the development of her thinking.

Accompanying her analysis, we present absorbing footage from Ferguson, shot and narrated by independent video journalist Umar Lee as the action unfolded in front of him. This is footage that viewers have not seen on network tv. It powerfully enhances Sherise McDaniel's reflections on these events: teargas canisters kicked back and forth down the street at night; police marching behind armored military vehicles; a threatening cop in Kinloch, MO (next to Ferguson) demanding that videographer Lee leave that suburb without giving any reason; a justice for Mike Brown march, and more.

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Beyond Ferguson

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