• Chicago at the Tipping Point
Published on Oct 1, 2015

In early September, 2015 a series of hearings on the city budget were held in Chicago. The two hearings we document -- one on the South Side and one on the North Side -- were noteworthy on a number of levels. Unlike the school closing hearings a few years ago, the audiences in attendance got to directly face the mayor instead of representatives of his representatives; the audiences understood now that these hearings were charades; and at one of the hearings they actually ran him off the stage and at the other they cheered when a speaker from the floor called for Rahm's arrest. Also, greatly underplayed in corporate media accounts, most of the speakers saw 'making the rich pay' as the solution to the budget problems. This kind of talk is rocking the boat, while old forms of political control are starting to malfunction.

In the 2015 election, Rahm got 56% of the vote and Chuy got 44%. But only 40% of eligible voters actually voted. Therefore, the percentage of the eligible electorate that actually voted for Rahm was 22%! This isn't a stable political situation. 

[ERRATUM: the narration identifies Hines on the CPS Board as "Dorothy Hines". It should be instead: Mahalia Hines.]

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Chicago at the Tipping Point

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